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God is real and God particle is real. But present Global excitement on discovery of God particle is an unwarranted. Truth cannot be known by splintering. All discovery of science and the picture it developed of universe from it has broken down in time. The more simple and comprehensible picture of universe exist in the ancient spiritual scriptures, the Vedas, Bible and so on. Only thing is that it needs to be evolved incorporating the modern science. The basic scientific assumption that universe is material is wrong. If this were to be true it should go into nonexistence in time, when we apply the second law of thermodynamics. Common sense tells us that the material field is not only the field that exist in nature. There should exist second field and space-time reality that opposes material field and its force and thus sustains the world. This force exists in life. Observe a plant grow. Second law of thermodynamics applied to living world and material world shows this opposition.
The physicist and scientific world has failed to note this fundamental point. Science has given Noble Prize to Prof. James Lovelock who has proved that life is inseparable from material world and actually molds the material world. The truth is that all life has an inner space-time reality, in which the force of gravity is transformed into force of anti-gravity. We need to review the very foundation of science to know the simple truth of nature if we need to survive. The ancient spiritual scripture that visualizes universe as living conscious and intelligent has more substance than the modern science, which is leading us from simplicity to complexity.

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